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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

When it comes to the holidays, I am always a fan of DIY homemade gifts.  Our kiddos always seem to play with the things we make them for longer than their storebought toys, and it's also fun to be able to tailor something specifically to them.  Last Christmas we built them an indoor rock wall and put together a huge ball pit and those things are still played with nearly daily.  Here's a compilation of some of the awesomest DIY handmade gifts for kids I've seen on the web (as well as a helping of ideas from us here at Fun at Home with Kids).  And the best part about these gifts is that they work not only for winter holidays, but also baby showers, birthdays, and probably loads of other special occasions I can't think of right now.  :)  Be sure to follow the links to find the full tutorials (and tips and tricks) for each of these awesome gift ideas!

Thrive 360 Living is a master of creating awesome toys out of rocks.  One of my favorite creations of hers is this Very Hungry Caterpillar set.

Here's another great idea from Thrive 360 Living - her Color Matching Game is such a great way to practice and learn colors while having fun.  This would make such a great toddler gift!

We discovered a super easy way to make a DIY set of Rainbow Grimm Style Wood Building Blocks.  These would make a bright, colorful, and economical gift for an older child!

This three part DIY Travel Busy Board from Mommy Testers is such a cool creation.  I can't think of a kid who wouldn't love this on long (or short!) car or plane trips!

I love these gorgeous DIY drums from A Beautiful Mess.  What a pretty addition to any playroom!

I love the idea of a child getting to create with the gift they get - and with this Fairy Garden in a Box from Playful Learning they can do just that!

I absolutely love the idea of a packaged sensory bin.  Both of my kids would flip for this awesome Construction Site Sensory Bin Gift from Play Create Explore.  I love all the little details she added to make it exceptionally special.  And while you're there, be sure to also check out her clever ideas for putting together a Homemade Play Dough Gift Set.

I just adore Kate's Creative Space and she seriously has the coolest DIY ideas.  One of my favorites is this amazing kid-sized rocket!

If you're looking for ideas for little ones, a set of Discovery Bottles would make for a unique gift.  We share several ideas for filling your Discovery Bottles as well as our set of Rainbow Discovery Bottles on our blog.

Sensory boards are also a great gift for the babies and toddlers in your life.  In our post we share three different style DIY Sensory Boards, as well as offer several ideas for fun things to include if you build your own.

These Clothespin Wrap Dolls from This Heart of Mine would make such a sweet gift.

I also love these DIY Flower Fairy Wooden Peg Dolls from The Imagination Tree.

Another great gift that allows kids the freedom to create is this Kids Sewing Kit from Childhood 101.  I love all the details and activities she adds to the kit.

All the children I know love to pretend to fly - so a set of these DIY Bird Wings from Paging Fun Mums would surely be a hit!

This Portable Pretend Model Train Set from Play Trains is so amazing.  What a fabulous thing to take on vacation, out to eat, or even to friends' houses for a playdate!

A handmade set of Stuffed Felt Toy Letters, like these from Buggy and Buddy, is another fun gift that incorporates learning in a playful way.

We also adore our No Sew Felt Dinosaur World Playmat.  Paired with a set of mini plastic dinosaurs, it would make a fun gift for a dino loving toddler or preschooler!

Another creative gift idea would be to put together a Sensory Kit.  There are ideas for assembling both large and small kits (for around $40 and around $20 respectively) in this post. Or a Science Kit for the little scientist in your life -- find the details for assembling that kit here.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is one of our kids' favorite books, so I know this awesome No Sew Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Puppet from Twodaloo would be a total hit.  While you're there, be sure to also check out her DIY Ice Cream Play Set and Color Matching Game!

How about a set of Rock Dominoes?  Such a fun twist on the classic toy.

Dress up clothes are always so much fun, and we are huge fans of the versatility of playsilks for this very reason.  I love this tutorial from Rachael Rabbit on DIY Playsilks - not only are they so affordable, but your kids can help during the process if they want!  Awesome!

And finally, a set of these Texture Blocks from Fireflies and Mudpies would be another creative and fun baby gift.  And if you're not quite feeling up to making blocks, you could always make a Set of Texture Cards, like Nothing if Not Intentional.

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All activities here are activities I feel are safe for my own children.  As your child's parents/guardians, you will need to decide what you feel is safe for your family.  I always encourage contacting your child's pediatrician for guidance if you are not sure about the safety/age appropriateness of an activity. All activities on this blog are intended to be performed with adult supervision.  Appropriate and reasonable caution should be used when activities call for the use of materials that could potentially be harmful, such as scissors, or items that could present a choking risk (small items), or a drowning risk (water activities), and with introducing a new food/ingredient to a child (allergies).  Observe caution and safety at all times.  The author and blog disclaim liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in any of these activities on this blog.


  1. LOVE!! What I love most about this is how it shows what a loving and creative mama you are! Pinning to remind myself to try some of these for my littlies!

  2. Asia this is an awesome list! Totally bookmarking, I agree homemade gifts are the best. Next up how about a list of home made gifts kids can make for adults? We did finishing salts last year and it was easy for our (then) almost four year old to help with. I need some more ideas for this year!

    1. Thank you, Amber!!! Oh man, I'm so tired after putting this one together, I'll have to put that one down for next year. Love the finishing salts idea!!

  3. Thanks so much for including us! This is such a beautiful and useful roundup. Something for everyone!

  4. Wow! There is a whole lotta awesomeness in this round up!! Feeling inspired. :)

  5. brilliant round up, what georgous ideas

  6. Not sure where my comment went, but do you have a step by step to do this?

    1. This is a round-up - if you click on the links it will lead you to the posts with the tutorials for each! :)

  7. Thanks so much for this, it's fantastic. Now I just have to stop pinning ideas for DIY gifts and actually get down to making some

    1. Hahaha - I hear you on that one! Glad you liked the round-up and good luck on getting it all done! :)

  8. These were perfect gifts for nieces and younger cousins! I love all your ideas!!