Day Two of Help the Leprechaun Find His Gold

You can read about the Leprechaun's letter here
Day One here

When I saw these, I knew they'd be perfect to add into the gold recovery tasks - and they did not disappoint!  

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They are also super easy to make!  I made four balls (though you can make different shapes using cookie cutters or just molding by hand) using a box of baking soda.  I added some green Colorations Liquid Watercolors  green glitter, and green sequins for effect.  Mix all that up and sllllowly add water.  Add just enough that the "dough" barely sticks together.  It should look crumbly and a bit dry.  I then took the coins and molded the dough around them.  It does crack a little so just keep compacting it and eventually it will hold together.  I let them dry overnight before using them - that seemed to be enough time to get them ready.

S thought they felt really cool.

We started with a spray bottle full of vinegar, but S was having trouble aiming and spraying a good amount onto the treasure rocks.

So we switched to a squeeze bottle (though a spoon and vinegar, an eyedropper and vinegar, or even just pouring vinegar from a cup would also work) and then we were really cooking!

The treasure rock soon split and revealed the first gold coin!

Got it!

Having SO MUCH fun!

Squishing the two balls that didn't have coins for fun.

And now...the dinosaurs are playing in the leftover green sparkly mush.  :)

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  1. Can you give me an idea of the dimensions of these rocks? I tried to make some and I had success putting acrylic jewels inside but the ones with the gold coins split apart. i suspect I just did not make them large enough.

    1. They are about the size of small Easter eggs. Yes definitely be sure to make them a good bit larger than the coins!


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