Day One of Help the Leprechaun Find His Gold

You can read the story behind S's Leprechaun Gold search here, if you haven't already.

As per the leprechaun's instructions, after a good breakfast, S asked me if I knew where she would look.  I mentioned that I thought I'd heard a commotion out on our front porch - she might want to start by looking there.  Lo and behold, she found a big bin full of shaving cream on our front bench!  

She searched and searched for the two gold coins.  She found one early on, but had to really look for that second coin.  Mixed into the shaving cream were green pom poms, green paint streaks, green glitter, green sequins, and green bingo chips.  Lots of interesting textures!

Eureka!  I had a small Gladware of water and a hand towel for cleaning off anything she found in there (she called the bingo chips "green coins" and had fun finding all those as well).

Once the coins were located and cleaned, she hid them again a few times...and some time later, things ended here as they usually do - with dinosaurs.  :)

I have the envelope clipped to our fridge, down low, with the gold coins in it.  S has periodically checked on them throughout the day and shown several of her stuffed animal friends and X the gold coins many times.  :)

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