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Day Three of Help the Leprechaun Find His Gold

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I thought we'd try something a bit more challenging for Day Three of S's search for the leprechaun's gold.  I used the plaster I'd bought from Michael's for $4 that we've been using for our Dinosaur Fossils and mixed in some green Colorations Liquid Watercolorssome green glitter, and some green sequins.  I split it into three Solo cups - just to make it a bit more tricky (since there were only two gold coins, one cup just held plaster).

All the items were waiting for S on our front porch after breakfast.  If you have a coordinated preschooler (you are the best judge of your child's abilities), you can have them use a child sized hammer to chip away at the plaster with close supervision.  I found S's hammer and goggles for a few dollars each (I think they're around $2) at Lowe's through their Build and Grow series.  Make sure to use eye protection - not just to keep their eyes safe, but also because kid safety goggles are crazy cute.  S started by hammering the bottoms of the cups to make the plaster discs pop out.

Then she chipped away at them by hammering for quite some time.  The plaster is very hard, so it does take some patience.  Despite offers to help, S was perfectly happy to work for long periods by herself.  Afterwards, I asked if it was frustrating because it took so long.  She happily chirped that it was so much fun she didn't mind.

After a while, she decided to try throwing the discs as well.  This part seems like something an older toddler could do (the hammering might be a bit too much for them - though you could always hammer together with their hand over yours).

Progress!  Once she could see the gold coin, we used the back of the hammer to pry the gold coin loose (she needed some help with this part).

Got it!

She loved the cool impression the coin left behind.  It's a leprechaun coin fossil!

See?  Safety goggles = immense cuteness.

Check out that form!

Once both coins were freed, she wanted to clean them in warm soapy water inside and play with the plaster discs.  We talked about how hard and dense they were, and she's using them as little islands for her plastic guys to play on in an ocean.  

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