Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Kwik Stix.  I only accept sponsored posts for products I believe in and am excited about.  I was not swayed by compensation; all opinions are my own.

When we first saw Kwik Stix, I was definitely intrigued, but I wasn't sure that we'd enjoy them.  However, once we tried them we were immediate converts.  They are SO FUN.  And as an added bonus, they really aren't like any other art supply we've tried!  

Also, bonus, they come in all different pack sizes (from 6 sticks all the way up to a 96 stick classroom set!) and all sorts of different themes (Metalix, Neon, Classic).  Not only are these a perfect gift for the littles in your life, but they'd make a perfect stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays!  Plus, starting today, these awesome things are available in-person at Target stores.  Sweet!

They are basically shaped like kid glue sticks, so they are really easy to hold.  Which is a MUST for little hands.  They glide on like pastels.  Only WITHOUT THE MESS.  Technically they are tempera paint sticks, but I really feel like they're some sort of genius-hybrid-pastels that don't get all over everything.  (They are also washable!)

I wanted to think up an easy art project that all three of us could do -- and that highlighted the really cool pastel-y ability of Kwik Stix.  So I settled on Sunset Art.  The first step is to take some sunset-colored Kwik Stix and color ALL OVER white paper with them.  X loved this part.  

Once you've created your sunset sky, cut black paper to create a skyline.  S and I made trees and hills.

Here's mine with the black paper tree silhouette laid on top of it.  

Then you add some glue to the back of the black paper silhouette and press it down.  And voila!  You have beautiful Sunset Art!

Though sometimes you might need to add the silhouette of a dragon before your scene is actually finished.  :)

Here's X's.  I helped him cut out the hills, but the beautiful sky is all his doing.

And mine!

And if you have a blacklight at home, you can make any art using neon Kwik Stix glow.

If you want to grab a set of these super fun paint sticks for your kids (or, ahem, yourself), you can head on down to your local Target to grab a set.  

If you don't live near a Target store, you can also find them online at Target and online at The Pencil Grip or Amazon.

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