I have been meaning to write this post for some time and once I got started gathering ideas I couldn't stop.   I am a huge fan of process art and wanted one spot where all of my favorite ideas were compiled.  This post has 52 of the most beautiful, simple, and engaging process art ideas that I know of.  This summer we plan on doing every one of these!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term process art, I like to think of it as open-ended art - where children aren't trying to make something exactly like an example product and there aren't any real directions.  Process art allows kids to explore and create freely and it is such a great way to encourage creative artists.  Because there isn't a set goal, process art also doesn't get "old".  Kids can repeat the same project many times and will create different end products each time.

To get the full details and directions, please click on the links below.  The numbers in the photos correspond to the numbers of the post links below.

1.  Marbled Milk Prints from Babble Dabble Do
2.  Rainbow Painting from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds
3.  Fold and Dye Art from Kids Play Box
4.  Vibrant Coffee Filter Flower Painting from Fun at Home with Kids
5.  Rainbow Ice Painting from Twodaloo
6.  Watercolor Canvas Painting from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds
7.  Recycled Container Stamping from Picklebums

8.  Evolving Canvas Art from Meri Cherry
9.  Paint The Car by Fun-A-Day
10.  Ice and Watercolors from The Artful Parent
11.  Crumpled Paper Art from Buggy and Buddy
12.  Drip Painting from Kids Play Box
13.  Oil and Watercolors from Babble Dabble Do
14.  Crystallizing Watercolor Painting from Fun at Home with Kids

15.  Abstract Pipette Art from Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone
16.  Rubber Band Snap Painting with Fizzing Paint from Learn Play Imagine
17.  Icing Colors Spray Painting from Fantastic Fun and Learning
18.  Gelatin Streaking from Babble Dabble Do
19.  Experimenting with Textures from Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone
20.  Print Rolling from Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone
21.  Collaborative Branch Painting from Art Bar

22.  Abstract Art from the Grocery Store from Fun at Home with Kids
23.  Shiny Foil Art from Pink Stripey Socks
24.  Painting on Ice from Toddler Approved
25.  Resist Painted Butterfly from Fun at Home with Kids
26.  Painting with Tissue Paper from Fantastic Fun and Learning
27.  Fizzing Watercolor Painting from Fun at Home with Kids
28.  Painting with Watercolor Droppers from Buggy and Buddy
29.  Cosmic Suncatchers from Babble Dabble Do
30.  Credit Card Art from Housing a Forest

31.  Spin Art Rocks from Meri Cherry
32.  Painted Salt Sculptures from Fun at Home with Kids
33.  Sandpaper Resist Art from Kids Play Box
34.  Painting with Oil and Ice Chalk from Learn Play Imagine
35.  Kid Painted Wooden Blocks from Art Bar
36.  Salt Painting from Meri Cherry
37.  Painting with Rocks from Fantastic Fun and Learning

38.  Powdered Paint Suncatchers from Twodaloo
39.  Spin Art from The Artful Parent
40.  Watercolor Resist Painting from The Artful Parent
41.  Cotton Ball Painting from Simple Fun for Kids
42.  Puffy Cloud Painting from Twodaloo
43.  Splat Painting from Fun-A-Day
44.  Tape and Watercolor Art from Fun-A-Day
45.  Painting Seashells from Fantastic Fun and Learning
46.  Painting with Colored Oil from Powerful Mothering

47.  Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree from Twodaloo
48.  Squirt Gun Painting from Fireflies and Mudpies
49.  Rainbow Sand and Cars Art from Teach Preschool
50.  Watercolor Resist Spray Art from Teach Preschool
51.  Cotton Ball Painting from Teach Preschool
52.  Sharpie Resist Bookmarks from Happy Hooligans


  1. What wonderful round-up! So much inspiration and so much color!

  2. This is a great collection! Shall come back for ideas :)

  3. Amazing ideas! Can't wait to try them with my daycare children. Thank you so much.

  4. Beautiful!! I've bought all of your other books for my daycare (where internet access is unreliable). Please make this your next book!

    1. Aww, thank you!!!! <3 I honestly did think about doing an art book for my next project for awhile -- but there really are so many lovely ones out there already. Have you checked out MaryAnn Kohl or Jean Van't Hul? I decided to make my next project a bit different -- a chapter book series (science-themed, of course!) for kiddos in grades K-5. It comes out next spring! :) :) :)


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