I have been obsessed with the idea of using a hand mold since I first saw Happy Hooligans' Melting Frozen Hands activity here.  She then went on to post this amazing Halloween Haunted Hands activity with them and a Frozen (movie) activity here - all so much fun.  I had a slightly different idea for how to use them -- I wanted to see if I could make wiggly, jiggly gelatin hands for Halloween.  I could and I did and booooy are they just the right amount of creepy for Halloween.

My kids thought the fingers were the funniest things ever.

Because the gelatin gives them the right weight, they kind of feel and move a little like fingers.

Suuuuper creepy.

I stuck some eyeballs from the Dollar Tree in there for good measure.

Both kids loved plucking out the eyeballs (hahaha that sounds SO gross.  I'm leaving it anyway).

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To make Spooky Halloween Gelatin Hands, you'll need:

Food coloring or liquid watercolors
Fake eyeballs

Follow the directions on your gelatin with the following modification - decrease the amount of water needed per gelatin packet by 1/4 cup (so add less water than the directions on the box call for) -- this will make your "hand" a little sturdier.  Usually the ratio is one packet of gelatin per cup of water, but it can vary by brand.  Our favorite brand of gelatin to use is Knox Gelatin, and it's the kind that's typically carried by grocery stores.  Add your food coloring or liquid watercolors to the gelatin...a little goes a long way.

Take a disposable glove - and please note that these are wildly cheaper in stores than online (ours was something like $3 for a pack of 10, you can find them in the cleaning section of most stores) and hold it open over a sink with one hand.  With the other hand first add several fake eyeballs (if you've chosen to do so) and then follow that by carefully pouring the gelatin mix into the glove until it is filled roughly to the top of the thumb.  Now carefully tie off the bottom part of the glove like a balloon in a single knot.  Gently place your filled hand in a tray and put it in your refrigerator for several hours or overnight.

Once your gelatin has completely set, use a pair of scissors to cut the bottom knot off of your "hand" and then using one hand to gently lift the glove, cut five lines down the center of the top of the glove, roughly along the middle of the finger.  Carefully peel the glove away from the hand, taking extra care with fingertips (those like to get caught in the gloves and tear).  Once you have one half of the hand free, carefully turn the "hand"over while supporting the palm and fingers.  Follow the same method of pulling up the glove and cutting it away with scissors to remove the plastic.  When you're all done playing, add all the little gelatin bits to a microwave safe dish and microwave in 15 second increments until all the bits are melted.  You can then re-pour it into a new glove mold if you'd like to repeat the activity on a subsequent day.

Fair warning - removing the glove took about 10 minutes, so it's not a quick thing.  However, the kids LOVED the hand shape so much, it was worth the extra time needed.  We've repeated this activity several times and I've gotten a little faster at removing the glove with practice.  :)

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  1. Such a cute idea! My kids would have gotten a kick out of this whenever they were little!


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