We LOVE slime.  One of our favorite things is to modify our slime recipes by adding different things and seeing what changes.  Every time you add something to slime, it will alter the behavior.  Our Chocolate Slime ended up being ULTRA stretchy; our Polka Dot Slime ended up able to stretch extra wide; and our Spider Slime was super clumpy and thick!

It moved in a big clump, almost like a creepy hanging egg sack.

The spiders plus the translucent slime made for a very spooooky slime.  :)

More of the big spider clump!

And of course extracting the eight legged spiders out of the slime made for a dramatic show.

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We really enjoyed the thick clumpiness of our Spider Slime (which was caused by the white yarn spider webs we added), but if you'd rather have stretchier slime, omit the yarn webs!

To make Spider Slime, you'll need:

Plastic Spiders
White Yarn (optional)
Clear glue

Add your clear glue to a bowl (we used two 5 oz bottles to make our batch, but the amount you use is flexible) and slowly add your Sta Flo Liquid Starch, stirring well in between each addition (I add about a Tablespoon at a time - I just eyeball it).  When your slime begins to hold together in a big clump, start kneading by hand.  Add just enough Sta Flo that the slime no longer sticks to your hands.  (For a step by step photo tutorial of what this looks like, check out this post).  Add several dozen short bits of white yarn (approximately 2-5 inches long each) and knead them in.  Finally add your spiders!

And though this slime is non-toxic, it is not meant for kids to taste or eat.  If you have a child who might put their hands in their mouths or try to taste the slime, I recommend using one of our Edible Slime recipes instead!

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  1. Love the look of this! We've spent this afternoon making slime,my son thinks it is amazing :D


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