I got to dye both the seeds AND the stars for this bin!  I was so excited!

Little X dove right in.  He loved "catching" the stars.

This bin is also a great way to practice colors ("look you have the purple star!")

Not to mention seeds feel pretty nice on those little feet.

And they are VERY fun to dump and toss about.

After inspecting each of the stars, X had a lot of fun burying them.

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To make this bin, you'll need to start the night before.  I picked up some unfinished wood stars at a craft store and used the same method we did to dye our Rainbow Wood Blocks.  I let them dry overnight.  I used the same method we used to Dye Rainbow Beans on our sesame seeds.  I allowed those to dry overnight in the bin (it helps to stir them a bit every few hours to make sure they're all getting dry).  The sesame seeds will keep indefinitely so long as they are kept dry.

Oh, and one last thing - though these seeds are edible, the dye will come off if they get wet.  So if your baby/toddler is likely to taste them - you'll want to use uncolored seeds.  Same goes for the stars - they are not intended to be wet (nor are they meant to be mouthed), so if your baby is mouthing, substitute some of their baby toys for the stars.  :)

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  1. He's getting so big! I love this. I haven't ventured into the world of dying since I've been home. It looks fabulous.

  2. I love the sand's color but how many bottles do you need? 1000? hahaha xx

    1. Thank you, Laura! I love that turquoise too! And you're right - if you used the little bottles it would take forever, hahaha! I just bought one big bag of them in our grocery's bulk section. :)

  3. Wahou !!! Comme d'habitude les couleurs sont superbes ! J'aime ce vif, c'est trop beau ☺

  4. Merci!!!! Nous aimons la couleur, surtout bleues!

  5. How old is your little fellow? He is too cute

    1. Thank you so much! He'd just turned 2 here! :)


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