We love using contact paper to make window art.  We also just plain love window art!  And with Halloween coming up, we thought we'd do another spiderweb activity since we had so much fun with our Edible Glowing Spiderwebs.  One of the reasons I love kids so much is that they are really not picky about how things look.  Yep.  Those are supposed to be spiders (I made them).  It's cool.  My kids rolled with it.  They're great like that.  :)

If you are one of my original readers, you know I am on a neverending quest to find uses for this brown yarn.  One of our favorite ways to use it is our Yarn Maze - but I still have tons of it.  Which means I was really excited to find another use for it.  Any sort of yarn, string, thread, or ribbon will work.  And while I suppose white would be a more appropriate color, my kids were totally happy to use brown yarn.  :)

S got to work straightaway.

X touched the sticky contact paper a few times before selecting a spider to love.  X just started walking (at long last!) and is soooo thrilled by it that he has a hard time sitting still these days.  He really enjoyed alternately kissing the spider and poking its eyes as he walked through the house and admired sister's progress.

I love this photo - sis hard at work cutting yarn for her web art, X hard at work walking the spider in the background.

S had a very specific plan for where each spider and each line of web was to go.  It's so cute to watch her work.

This is a great activity for kids who are practicing scissor skills.  If you'd like to do this with a younger child who is not yet ready for scissors, you can always provide a variety of precut lengths of yarn or string.

While S worked, she got several sneaky hug attacks from X.  I looooove this photo.

S's nearly finished product!  The coolest part about contact paper is that if you use string/ribbon/yarn and foam, you can reposition whatever you'd like.  When I set up something like this, I will generally leave it out for a week or so, and S will periodically redesign it.

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To make your own Spider Web Window Art, you'll need:


Contact paper is often used to protect books - I always buy ours on Amazon or at the local craft store.  Foam sheets can be purchased by the sheet at a craft store (it's usually around 30 cents for a huge sheet) or you can buy multi-colored packs of it from the Dollar Tree.  Hooray for inexpensive easy fun!

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  1. What a fun idea! And that picture of the two of them in their striped PJs is adorable!

    1. Thank you, Samantha! I was soooo glad to catch that sweet little moment. :)

  2. C is finally really excited about art projects and crafts and science experiments, so I'm catching up on all of your past posts ;) better late than never, right? She requests 1 or 2 projects every day after preschool, so we've been keeping busy. I think I'll be getting contact paper today! I have tons of extra yarn and need to find more uses for mine too.

    1. Awessssome! Yes we use Contact Paper constantly. X is just getting used to making window art with it - I bet M would love it!!

  3. This is awesome, adorable & so easy! I am totally setting this up for C this week as one of his invitations! Thanks for the great idea :)

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I hope your spiders look more like spiders. :)


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