Yesterday I shared our Scented Sidewalk Paint recipe and given the popularity of Frozen Sidewalk Chalk Paint right now due to Reading Confetti - I had to try freezing it.  If you have not yet seen Reading Confetti's 7 Ways to Make Frozen Chalk, I think you really ought to.  I could stare at those photos all day - and seriously how amazing is that Rainbow Ice Chalk?  So.  Cool.

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So when I made our Scented Sidewalk Paint a few weeks back, I froze a batch in an adorable silicone star mold for play.  The day we chose to play with them was sunny, but with a chilly wind, so we decided to play with them inside.  Since S is really obsessed with color mixing lately, I thought putting the chalk in a dish would be the perfect thing for her, but they are equally amazing as chalk on the driveway.

As they melted the colors started swirling.  At first we couldn't smell the amazing Kool Aid scents...but as they melted, the smell came through perfectly!


 These are totally edible and baby/toddler safe, but X was not interested in getting really cold.  He came over, poked a few of the chalks, and then sat playing a few feet away checking in to see what sis was up to every few minutes. :)

The color mixing and swirling was so mesmerizing!

S spent a good amount of time swirling the colors with a spoon and her finger alternately.  Once she felt she'd mixed enough, it was time for dinosaurs!  (These are from the bag of tiny dinosaurs I bought to make our Dinosaur Garden.  Some live in our house and come out to play in small worlds from time to time.)  As they entered the swirly rainbow swamp, they were greeted with some orange-scented rain!

They rode through the swamp on their frozen chalk boats.

And they generally had a colorful time.

S so enjoyed this world and played for over two hours.  She dubs it a must-try!

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  1. Your chalk looks great! You really did a lot of colors!

    1. Thank you, Lorie! And thank you for leading the frozen chalk movement this summer! I still want to try your stacked rainbow chalk. It is SO PRETTY!!!!!!


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