I am writing a short series of posts entitled "Super Easy Sensory Play".  Activities included in the series all contain two or fewer ingredients and are items that are generally found in any house, so no need to run to the store for specialty items.  I hope that you will give them all a try!  You can read the other posts in the series here:

I know it sounds simple, and you already give your child baths, but there is something special about getting to play with water outside of the bath.  Older toddlers really enjoy water tables, particularly when it's nice and warm outside, but even babies in the winter can have a little fun with water!  For this activity, I made sure to lay out our "splat mat" (2 yards of oilcloth from a fabric store).  I used a glass baking pan as the container so that  it wouldn't easily be tipped over and dumped.  I put a small amount of warm water and used some floating bath toys (these are bugs from a Boon Toys set that includes a net - we love this toy!) for him to practice his hand-eye coordination and grasping.

 At first he was a little timid, gently touching the water - but then he really got going!  Splashing and cooing!  He was having a great time.  After he'd spent several minutes making great big splashes, he noticed the floating bugs and set off after them.

Please provide constant supervision any time your children are around water.

Caught one!

Soaking wet, but so proud and happy!  All I needed to do was change his clothes, and dry him and the oilcloth off with a towel.  Since I only did a shallow amount of water, it was easily an amount that a regular towel could mop up.  Easy set up and clean up, but a lot of fun for baby!

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All activities here are activities I feel are safe for my own children.  As your child's parents/guardians, you will need to decide what you feel is safe for your family.  I always encourage contacting your child's pediatrician for guidance if you are not sure about the safety/age appropriateness of an activity. All activities on this blog are intended to be performed with adult supervision.  Appropriate and reasonable caution should be used when activities call for the use of materials that could potentially be harmful, such as scissors, or items that could present a choking risk (small items), or a drowning risk (water activities), and with introducing a new food/ingredient to a child (allergies).  Observe caution and safety at all times.  The author and blog disclaim liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in any of these activities on this blog.


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  2. This is the most amazing blog! I have bought supplies for discovery bottles and sensory bins. I also pre-ordered 2 copies of your book, one as a gift. Keep posting!

    1. Thank you so so much, Dallas! I super appreciate it! :) :) :)


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