I don't know about you, but I'm all ready for spring.  Yes, technically it's winter still here in the US, but if you're feeling like me, these projects can at least make it feel like spring inside your house -- at least until spring arrives outside your house as well.  :)

In no particular order, here are 12 of my favorite process art flower projects.  As always, please click on the name of the project(s) you're interested in to get to the post that contains the full project details (materials, suggestions, and the like).

1.  Vibrant Coffee Filter Flowers from Fun at Home with Kids

2.  Colorful Watercolor Flowers from Buggy & Buddy

3.  Painted Paper Plate Flowers from Pink Stripey Socks

4.  Pipe Cleaner Flowers from Art Bar Blog

5.  Yarn Wrapped Tulips from School Time Snippets

6.  Egg Carton Flowers from I Heart Arts N Crafts

7.  Flower Playdough Invitation from Fantastic Fun and Learning

8.  Egg Carton Flower Pins from Pink Stripey Socks

9.  Flower Print Scrape Painting from Playful Learning

10.  Spring Watercolor Flower Art from Meri Cherry

11.  Flower Petal Stained Glass from The Artful Parent

12.  Painted Spring Flowers from Fantastic Fun and Learning


  1. Thanks for sharing this collection of cool ideas. I like all of them, but my favourite is #1. Vibrant Coffee Filter Flowers is what we are going to do together with my daughters today.


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