Thank you all for participating in our awesome sale!  Unfortunately the sale is now over.

Hey all!  I have some VERY exciting news: we've already sold through the first (big!) print run of The Curious Kid's Science Book!!!!!  Not only that, but the book has been featured in several publications (The Chicago Tribune, SF Globe, The Bellingham Herald, Seattle's Child Magazine), it's been chosen as a Staff Pick at several bookstores, has been adopted as curriculum in a few school districts in the US, and is even required reading for future early childhood educators at a California college!  How awesome is that????  I'm so thrilled and these last few weeks have been so wonderful -- the kids and I have adored reading all of the notes (and photos) you have sent us sharing what your little scientists have discovered with the activities in the book.  <3

We've got a lot to be thankful for -- let's celebrate with a FLASH SALE!

As you know, science education is a SUPER huge passion of mine, so I'm really hoping that lots of kids get this book as a gift over the winter holidays.  My husband and I crunched the numbers to come up with the absolute best deal we could offer. And because we're number people, it's all about the 3s.

For 3 days only, you can get

3 copies of The Curious Kid's Science Book for only

33 dollars (including FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING!)

That's half off each book and you don't pay anything for shipping!!!!

If you already have your copy, I'm hoping this will make an affordable gift (holidays, birthdays, or just because!) for some other young scientists in your life.

If you don't have a copy yet, you could get one for yourself and gift the other two to other kiddos over the holidays (or save them for future birthday gifts!) or you could go in on the 3 copy set with two friends.

To get your 3 copy book set, click the box below (it'll add them to your shopping cart via my new online store!).  As of right now, there are no limits for how many sets of 3 you can purchase.  :)

Unfortunately the sale is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who purchased!

A few extra comments:

1.  The sale will only run for 3 days.  From 6:00am PST on Monday, November 16th through 6:00am PST on Thursday, November 19th.

2.  All orders will be shipped out that Thursday morning UNLESS I sell out of the stock I currently have on hand.  If that happens before your order comes in, your order may not be shipped until the following Monday or Tuesday (23rd/24th) when the restock supply arrives, but all orders will be shipped Priority, so you should still have it ASAP and for sure in plenty of time for the holidays.  ***UPDATE:  We sold through all the stock I'd anticipated using in the first few hours!  YAY!  Just a heads up that any orders that come in now will be delayed by a few days while I wait for replacement stock to arrive.  I anticipate new orders will have their copies by the end of next week.***

3.  If you'd like your books autographed/personalized, there's an additional option for that below.  When you purchase this additional option, tell me who to make the book out to in the message to seller box.  If you don't include any names/directions in the message to seller box, I'll just send the 3 copies of the book with my autograph in each (without a personalized message).

Unfortunately the sale is now closed, but you can still buy autographed copies through our store.  And of course the book is still available online and in stores worldwide.  :)

4.  If you have any troubles with your order, just email me at and we'll get it sorted.  :)

5.  Sadly (and trust me, I am SUPER bummed), I can only offer this to US addresses.  :(  I looked into lots of ways to ship outside the US and all of them were just WAY too expensive.  The books are big and each one is over a pound, so it's crazy expensive to ship, and by the time I charged you for it, you'd be able to get the book cheaper yourself online through a more local option (like Book Depository or Ebay if your country has one).  :(

6.  Thank you all so much for your support!  I'm so excited that we've already sold out the first print run and I know I couldn't have done it without all of your help spreading the word!  
Thank you!!!!  <3  <3  <3


  1. This book is so awesome! I got a copy for my 6 year old grandson complete with the recommended supplies! It was the hit of the Christmas presents and he went through the book and selected the activities he wanted to do. The next day he put his safety goggles on and set to experimenting and writing in his science journal. Thank you so much for creating this book for kids!

    1. Oh, I'm so thrilled to hear that!! Thank you so much, Donna!!! <3


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