Whether it's a gift for the winter holidays, like Christmas, or a birthday present, a DIY Science Kit is a super fun present for any little scientists in your life.  A copy of our newest book, The Curious Kid's Science Book, paired with some of the materials called for in the book will make a gift that will keep a kiddo occupied for months.  And the best part?  They'll be learning important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills as they play their way through our book!

DIY Science Kits - a creative gift for kids that will not only entertain them, but also teach them valuable STEM skills!
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If you haven't heard about our book yet, you can read a full description, reviews, and even take a peek inside on the Amazon listing here.  If you own our book already, you can find the list of materials I recommend including in a kit on page 28 of the book.  :)

You can set about creating a kit to pair with the book one of two ways.  One way would be to pair it with some of the most commonly used supplies in the book.  Another way would be to pair it with a set of the specialty items (things that might be hard to find in local stores).  Either way, it'll guarantee that whatever lucky little scientist is getting this gift can get right to experimenting.  

If you're taking the most commonly used supplies approach, here's a list (again you can find this list on page 28 of the book if you already own a copy) of what I'd recommend.  Nearly all of these items can be found at a Dollar Tree(*) and all but the goggles can be found at a local grocery store:

Plastic cups (short and tall)*
Ziplock bags*
Masking tape*
Potting soil*
Food coloring*
Cotton Balls*
Coffee Filters*
Children's Safety Goggles
Cooking oil*
Dish soap*
Corn syrup
Cotton swabs*
Lemon juice*
Baking soda*
Pinto beans*

If you want to take the specialty items approach, the only hard-to-find items called for in the book are:

Oh and one last thing -- I'm hoping to eventually have a landing page put together (but with kids and school and book signing events, it'll probably be awhile), but if any of you want to buy personalized signed books to gift with your science kits, you can email me at  I can send them anywhere in the world (though I'll have to charge for international shipping).


  1. We (my daughter, 4+, and I) love your book. We are working on establishing the sequence of the scientific method; 1) Observation or "Hey! That's weird?!" 2) The "hypopethis" and well, attention spans run short around her sometimes. My daughter will often ask me to "read" your image of the scientifc method in your book and I was hoping to find a high resolution image here on your site. Would you make it available? Thank you! Julie & Em

    1. YAYYY! I love it! And that image is actually courtesy of the lovely and talented Tiffany Ard of Nerdy Baby ( You can buy it as a print if you want! You may or may not find every one of her hilarious prints in our house. Ahem. :)


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