With Spring finally here, I thought I'd put together a post celebrating one of our favorite spring creatures - the butterfly!  Below you'll find over 15 awesome crafts that all involve butterflies.

Over 15 beautiful crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school children that celebrate spring butterflies from Fun at Home with Kids

Click on each post title below to get the full details and directions for each craft.

{Pictured above from left to right and top to bottom}

Butterfly Suncatchers from Mini-Eco

Painted Paper Butterflies from Deep Space Sparkle

Easy Butterfly Craft for Toddlers from Toddler Approved

DIY Cardboard Watercolor Butterfly Wings from Fun at Home with Kids

Sticky Wall Butterfly Craft from I Heart Crafty Things

{Not pictured, but also awesome}

Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment from I Heart Crafty Things

Learning Symmetry with LEGO and Butterflies from Fun at Home with Kids

Simple Paper Plate Butterflies from No Time for Flashcards

Butterfly Sensory Bags from Teach Preschool

Blue Morpho Butterfly Craft from Delightful Children's Books

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All activities here are activities I feel are safe for my own children.  As your child's parents/guardians, you will need to decide what you feel is safe for your family.  I always encourage contacting your child's pediatrician for guidance if you are not sure about the safety/age appropriateness of an activity. All activities on this blog are intended to be performed with adult supervision.  Appropriate and reasonable caution should be used when activities call for the use of materials that could potentially be harmful, such as scissors, or items that could present a choking risk (small items), or a drowning risk (water activities), and with introducing a new food/ingredient to a child (allergies).  Observe caution and safety at all times.  The author and blog disclaim liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in any of these activities on this blog.


  1. Love all the Butterfly ideas you have posted and especially love the fact that you gave us 15 to choose from! Thanks!


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