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Jean of The Artful Parent was just coming out with her first book when I started blogging - it's so awesome to now be a part of the book tour for her second book, The Artful Year.  Around here we really enjoy celebrating each season (though I will admit we often celebrate a little in advance in anticipation of the coming changes), so having this book handy is so wonderful.  There are over 175 activities in the book - it's over 350 pages long - enough to keep us busy and happy each season for years to come. 

Though this book is, like the first, chock full of amazing and beautiful crafts and activities, S immediately honed in on the recipes.  She loves to help me bake, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find recipes that are A) easy enough for her to help with and B) not full of sugar.  So I really appreciated that there are lots of healthy, low sugar, and EASY recipes in this book.

I let S choose which activity we were going to try first and she chose the Bird's Nest Cookies.  Admittedly it isn't quite spring yet, but with some recent sunshine we've got bulbs blooming, and it was a great time to look forward to what's to come in the next few weeks.  :)

 Though I helped make sure the batter was completely stirred after she'd mixed it, S took the lead with measuring, mixing, and dipping the cookies.

They were such a delicious treat, and with the whole wheat flour and low sugar content, I didn't feel like I was loading my kiddos up with empty calories.

If you're looking for a great resource for seasonal crafts, activities, and recipes, look no further!  The Artful Year is the perfect book for you!!!

Want more sneak peeks at this gorgeous book?  You can find links to all the posts from her book tour on The Artful Parent here!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Will add it to my amazon wishlist! :D

  2. I’m repeating this comment on several of the blog tour sites because I’m so excited about Jean’s book:::: and honestly, I'm that excited about Asia's book too!!!!

    When it comes to books of creative ideas and great books, I have a few favorites, some of them my own, LOL! But seriously, “The Artful Year” is truly amazing –– I LOVE IT!!!

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