I love sharing my favorite blogs with you all, and am SO thrilled to be sharing one of my very favorite happy places - Art Bar Blog - with you today.  She's here sharing 25 GORGEOUS projects for little ones that just use Paint and Paper.  I first found Art Bar through her amazing Washer Necklace project and her DIY Monster Patches and soon discovered that I love everything that she posts (not actually kidding.  I do.).  She's also one of my fellow Rockin' Art Moms!  Without further ado, I'll let her take it away...

25 gorgeous and EASY art projects for little ones that use just paint and paper.  It doesn't get any easier!  From Art Bar for Fun at Home with Kids

Hello! When Asia asked me if I wanted to write a little something for her blog and share my art projects with her readers, I did a little jump and a clap! I love this blog and everything that Fun at Home with Kids stands for. I have Asia’s book and we use it all the time in art class. She is not just a blogging friend but also one of the coolest and most creative mamas. So being here today makes me super happy! I teach art to four-year olds in my home. Some of these art projects were done with my students, and some were done with my own kids who are a little bit older. But all of them can be adapted to any age. I am a huge fan of keeping it simple. We use a lot of just paint and paper. It never really gets old. Sometimes I use cardboard, but I consider that to be part of the paper world. I hope you find something that works for you and your family! 

  Tempera Paint Art Projects

Ice Cream Cones (pictured)
Scrape Paintings (pictured)

Liquid Watercolor Art Projects

Paper Bag Crowns (pictured)

Watercolor Palette Art Projects

Self Portraits (pictured)
Sunburst Paintings (pictured)
Puffy Hearts (pictured)
Puffy Stars (pictured)

My Favorite Beginner Art Supplies 

 If you want to know what my go-to paper and paints are, you can find my top 10 art supplies list here. I also have a simple starter list of craft supplies

 Thank you so much for having me today, Asia!! I am really looking forward to meeting your readers and making some new friends :)  xo Bar

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  1. All great ideas! My boys love to craft and we will be trying some of these

  2. Great stuff thanks.


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