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Easy Winter Toddler No-Glue Christmas Tree Craft

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

X was feeling the crafty Christmas spirit, so I put together this simple toddler craft for him.  Added bonuses include an adorable finished product and some fine motor skill building during creation!  Oh, and it's also fun for older siblings should you have any of those.

I presented him with a sticky tree (I'll explain how to make that below) and he got to pick out which sequins, from a big 'ol mixed pile, were going to become the ornaments on his tree.

He was VERY specific about what went where.  Oh how I love toddler art!!!

S has been learning about symmetry and so she made her tree completely symmetric.

Once your kiddos are done decorating, firmly press some green paper down over the tree and tape all the edges.

And voila - adorable tree!

To make a sticky tree (glue just mostly frustrates X so we skip it), fold a piece of paper in half and cut out the pattern of a tree in the center.  If you don't feel like drawing a tiered tree like I did, you can just draw a big triangle.  I promise your kids will be just as excited.  :)  Then, using the grid on the back of a roll of Contact Paper, cut a rectangle of contact paper that will cover the front of your tree paper.  Peel the backing off the contact paper and lay it from top to bottom, pressing on the edges as you go, such that it completely covers the front of your tree paper.  Next, flip the paper over and tape it in place at the top and bottom and give your child a pile of mixed sequins or other decorations (cut up pieces of paper or foam, etc) to decorate their tree!

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  1. Last week I was in the nursery and one of my colleague told me, quick Laura we have to do cards, think who to do it. And I did it like this. I really love the result. My boss told me, you they are awesome thank you, you have a brilliant ideas... and I was thinking hahaha it is not my idea hahaha. Thank you very much for this ideas ;)

    1. LOL! Glad to hear they turned out well and Merry Christmas!!! :) :) :)

  2. Génial ! Je suis sure que cette activité plairait à Mam'Zelle M !