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A Review of Green Kid Crafts (+ a giveaway!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Disclosure:  I was paid for this post, but I only agreed to write it after sampling two kits for free with no obligation.  I only agree to write paid posts for products/companies we believe in.

When Green Kid Crafts contacted me about a review, I wasn't sure we'd be interested.  I get contacted by lots of activity box companies, and we've never tried any of them.  But I showed S these boxes and she was super excited to give them a try.  When I am approached by a company I don't know, I won't agree to write a post until we've tried their product and love it.  Well we tried two no-strings-attached kits and loved them!  So much so, that we subscribed ourselves for a year of boxes!

We (obviously) do a lot of activities around here, so I didn't think that I would find an activity box very useful.  But it really was SO nice to have several activities all planned out and prepped and ready to go!  In addition to the prepped materials in the box, you'll find several extension activities listed on the backs of the activity cards and you'll also find a link to download a free activity guide with even more fun ideas!  The kits are hands-on, award winning, and eco-friendly.  They are best for kids who are 3-10 years old.

The two boxes S chose to sample for this post were the Planet Protector Discovery Box and the Backyard Science Discovery Box.  In addition to offering subscriptions of various lengths, you can also buy individual Discovery boxes (you can even buy the two we post about here!).

The Planet Protector Discovery Box had the following three projects in it:

1.  Design and Create a Watercolor Earth Artwork Display

S had so much fun painting, and we strung her art up using the enclosed materials (everything we needed, down to the two pushpins!).  I loved that the display is reusable indefinitely and I also loved that the watercolors had a ton of paint left when she was done.  We've used them several times since for other art projects!

2.  Create Your Own Paper Mache Globe

I haven't done paper mache since I was in elementary school and it was SO FUN.  S needed help with this craft since she's 4, but older children may be able to complete it solo.  I loved that there was enough material to make a second globe.  We've got the extras stored in a craft drawer so S can revisit this project again soon.  She's so proud of the Earth she created with a little help from mama!

3.  Make Your Own Plantable Seed Paper

This was SO MUCH FUN.  We actually kept going and made several extra sheets of recycled paper because we were having so much fun.  I thought S would need a lot of help, but after the first three sheets, she took over and made the rest totally by herself.  She's used the sheets for artwork and is looking forward to planting some of the seeded paper in her garden this week.

The Backyard Science Discovery Box had four projects in it:

1.  Create a Leaf Pendant

S LOVES this necklace.  She actually made the print herself (I did need to help her flatten the clay, but that's it) and she is SO proud of it.  She wears it all the time and loves to tell people all about it.

2.  Decorate Your Own Collecting Bag

S loves to collect treasures whenever we go out, so this was a perfect project for her.  I held the material taut while she used the leaf rubbing cards and fabric crayons to make the pretty leaf pictures you see here.  I love that we can use the leaf rubbing cards again for other fun art projects.

3.  Make a Sun Print

S was able to make a few of these before the Seattle sun hid on us again.  When I went to photograph her prints, I realized she'd already sent them off in letters to friends.  If you're not familiar with it, the paper is dark blue to start.  Your child adds a bunch of nature finds and places the paper in direct sun for 5 minutes, or until the paper changes color.  Then you bring it inside and rinse it with water and it makes a beautiful white print of whatever item you'd laid on there originally.  You can see a picture of what it looks like in the slideshow here.

4.  Design a Shadow Nature Box

S hasn't gotten to this project yet, but I know she will love using her Collecting Bag to gather items to create an art display!

In summary, here are several things I loved about our Green Kid Crafts boxes:

They had all the materials (that could possibly be included - you may need to provide items like a bowl or a blender or a spoon) included.
They encourage kids to get outside in nature.
They are eco-friendly and encourage creativity.
They are FUN!

And now for the fun part!  Green Kid Crafts is generously giving away one 6 month subscription to a lucky reader with a US mailing address!  This is valued at $119!  The giveaway will run through Monday, July 7th at 12:00am.  The selected winner (US mailing address only, please) will have 48 hours to respond; if I can't get ahold of you within that window of time I will choose another winner.


  1. These activities look so fun! S's necklace is lovely! We just made leaf pressings in clay the other day, but I never thought to add a hole to string them on! Too cute!

  2. Excited to try these new great ideas with the kiddos I nanny for :)

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    1. Thanks, Stephanie! We had so much fun with them!

  4. Not sure how I managed to comment as my hubby! Haha I'm :)

    1. Did you enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget above? :)

  5. I just have to comment and say I bought a box from the, soo excited about it, but was mislead by the description and their customer service is horrible. I love the concept and what they're about, but I will not purchase anything from them again.

    1. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that, Ashley. If you email me at I'd love to put you in touch with the owner and see if we can't fix that!!!!