We are really big on teaching our kids about giving (I wrote a post about it last December that you can find here), but it was still a sweet surprise when S asked if we could please do something for the homeless people we sometimes pass on the street.  I wanted to maximize the effect of what we could do, so I settled on $10 as our price point.  I considered shelf life, lack of access to refrigeration/heat sources, nutrition, and ease of preparation when putting this together.  I also wanted it to be easy for others to put together in case any of you would like to do this project with your children.

How to make a $10 Care Package for the Homeless that includes several days of food.  Includes a free printable shopping list.  From Fun at Home with Kids

I settled on Target, because I know their brand, Market Pantry, has exceptionally low prices.  Walmart or a local grocery store with their own brand would also work well.  I also thought about packaging - I wanted to make use of every part of the care package.  I settled on putting everything in a reusable grocery bag as that would continue to be useful as a strong storage bag even after the food was consumed.

We bought the following per $10 Care Package:  
one 2.5 pound jar of Market Pantry Peanut Butter ($4.39)
one box of Market Pantry Wheat Crackers ($1.50)
two pouches (rather than cans, since most homeless people won't have access to can openers) of Tuna Fish ($1.24 each)
one 6-pack of Market Pantry raisins ($1.29)
one reusable grocery bag ($0.99)

If you'd like to add some additional food, cereals, granola bars, nuts, and other dried fruits or meats would all be great choices.

S helped me assemble each kit and load them into our car.  She also helps me hand the kits out.


  1. What a great idea! I love that it's something the kids can see through from start to finish- shopping for and assembling the kits and also handing them out. I think I'll share this with our co-op director- we're brainstorming projects to get our preschoolers involved in giving back to the community this fall. This would be perfect!

  2. So sweet. This would be a great Sunday School project too.

  3. This is such a wonderful idea and even better since the whole family was included!
    Thanks for encouraging others to serve with their families. ;)

  4. This is a great activity, it always helps my kids appreciate what they have.


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