The other day on our Facebook page, Shemaiah reminded me of all the fun we had with our Mix and Match Spring Flower Window Art.  It'd been awhile since I made a window set, so S and I set out to make a Mix and Match Snowman set.  Now that she's older, S was able to help cut out some of the parts herself (though she still wanted me to make most of them for her).  Window Art is so fun - we really can't get enough of it.  On the window to the left of this one we've got our Kid-Sized Sticky Christmas Tree going.  Our house is so Christmas-y!  If you don't have a large window (or if you don't want to use one!) this will also work on a refrigerator or on a bathroom wall or shower door.

I love that S started with his top and his bottom.  Ha!  No matter what I've envisioned, she always surprises me!

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I like to set her up with a shallow tray of water - you'll need to dip one side of each Foam Sheet piece in water to make them stick to the window (or bathroom wall).  You can see all the snowman bits and pieces in the other container.

She carefully selected a set of arms from the eight arms provided.

I love that I envisioned these stars and bits becoming the "buttons" on the snowman.  S had another plan.

He's juggling!  Love all the floating shapes above his smiling face!

After awhile, he got lonely.  So S set out to make him a whole family.  She kept designing until it got dark outside - at which point my photos looked terrible.  But the whole happy family is still on our window.  We find that they tend to stick for around 24 hours.  Less if they are directly in the path of a heater vent.

They are totally reusable and you can keep them from year to year.  All you need is some Foam Sheets, a little imagination, and a shallow tray of water.  Cut whatever shapes you wish from the Foam Sheets, dip them in water, and then press them to the window.  The water does all the work of holding the foam in place and will continue to hold it for several hours after you're finished!  Redesign to your heart's content.  :)

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  1. This is perfect for my son. He has been obsessed with window clings this year. Now he can make his own scenes!

    1. Fabulous! Window designing is always a favorite around here!

  2. Loving this idea, Asia! I think I'm going to try this with my preschoolers next month. They would get such a kick out of these in our class windows!

    1. Oh that would be so awesome! I am imagining a whole gaggle of amazingly crafted snowmen!!!! Love it!

  3. You make my lesson planning so fun, Asia Citro!! I can't wait to plan this. We have SO many windows. Thanks for being so awesome...and sharing about it all :).

    1. You are always the sweetest, Katie!!!! I can't wait to see what they create!!!


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