In case you haven't noticed, around here we love glitter.  And by love glitter, I mean LOVE GLITTER.  We've made Golden Glitter Slime that looks just like liquid gold, we've made sparkly fall ornaments that smell just like pumpkin pie we even added glitter to our Elephant Toothpaste Science Experiment...the natural progression was that we apply glitter to pumpkins.  Serious.  Glitter.

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Making your own glitter pumpkins is super easy.  We used Elmer's Glue All to provide a super strong hold for the glitter.  We had five sugar pie pumpkins, and it took 3/4 of a bottle of Elmer's Glue All to cover them all well.  I set S up at the dining room with a sheet of wax paper, a pumpkin, a paintbrush, and a container of Glue All (I just opened the bottle and dumped it so it would be easier for S to paint on).  This leads me to my first tip - do not put TOO much glue on.  A thin layer is all you need.  If you add too much glue the weight of the glitter will make large sections of it slide down.  A thin coat is all you need.  :)  Because the bottom of the pumpkin didn't need glitter, I just had S paint the tops and sides and left the bottom glue and glitter free.

Next take a bag (I cut ours down a bit so it was easier for S to maneuver), set the glue coated pumpkin inside, and let your kiddo go to town.  With a kid alone, you will get a pretty glittery pumpkin, but it's unlikely to be completely covered.  S was of the mind that they should be completely covered (that's my girl!), so after she'd done the top, she let me take over the rest of the glittering (is that a verb?  If not, it should be!).

We found that the best technique (for TOTAL glitter coverage) involves two adults.  One adult suspends the pumpkin over the bag by holding the stem and the base and slowly spins it while the other adult dispenses copious amounts of glitter.  Then set the spectacular (spooktacular?) glittered pumpkin on another sheet of wax paper to dry.

You may need to touch up the area around the stem where someone was holding it.

And voila!  You have the glitteriest most fabulous pumpkins I've ever seen.  They're really sparkly, so I had to take lots of photos of them.

Truly, they are even sparklier in person.

And all this made a TEENY dent in our 1 pound Colorations Extra-Safe Plastic Glitter (our favoritest favorite glitter brand).  Which is amazing, right?

Oooh, so pretty!  They work really well outside or in.  Since we chose smaller sugar pie pumpkins, we're using our Glitter Pumpkins as our Halloween centerpiece.

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  1. These are beautiful! What an awesome project. I am usually glitter adversed but you area making me want to get some and try this! Pinning :)

    1. Yay! Glitter is wonderful! :) Thank you for pinning!!!!

  2. These pumpkins are really awesome - love the plastic glitter!


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