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Homemade Edible Whipped Paints: Fall Scents

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This is the second post in a five day series of Fall Recipes for Play.  If you missed the first day, four spectacular recipes for fall doughs were shared: you can check out my Pumpkin Spice Salt Dough Recipe and our Fall Ornaments and there are links to the other three doughs at the end of the post. 

Today's theme is homemade paints!  When I first ran my Scented Edible Fingerpaints many months ago, readers had asked if I'd ever tried Cool Whip paints.  I hadn't!  Cool Whip has always kind of freaked me out (maybe because it's in a tub?), so for these I went with whipped cream.  You could definitely use either as the base of these paints.

We chose three delicious scents that we associate with Fall - our red whipped paint is cinnamon scented, our orange whipped paint is pumpkin spice scented, and our yellow paint is apple cider scented.  Mmmmmm!  

X got to paint first (when I asked him if he wanted a turn, he signed and exclaimed "payyy!", so so so adorable!).  Though I don't know that he noticed the scents - he sure loved the texture of the paints!

I had taped a piece of watercolor paper down for him to paint on with a dollop of each kind of paint.  He smiled and immediately went to work painting the table, hahaha.  Thinking outside the box, I guess!

After painting a design with one finger, he really committed and went for the whole hand painting.  He worked for a few minutes until he was satisfied with the product.  It was so fun to watch him painting with intent.  Though he's been exposed to paint often (starting at 5 months old), I feel like it's only recently clicked for him.  I love watching him create art now!

S was his cheerleader the whole time and applauded his finished piece, which she dubbed his "masterpiece"!

We made a new batch for sis, and she was ALLLL about the scents.  I had her guess which scent was which before she started.

And while she painted, there was a lot of leeaaaaning over to sniff. 

The fluffy texture of the paint was really fun for her as well

Eventually her painting got wet enough that we moved it to a tray where she worked on color mixing and making patterns in the paint (here she's concentrating on making a swirling circle).

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Though S's work was much too wet to save, we did save X's .  Surprisingly, it dried and hasn't done anything weird or gross in a week - but it is a food product, so I'm not betting it will keep forever.  At least in the short term, it does produce saveable art provided you use watercolor paper and don't overload it with paint, which I found interesting!

To make your own Scented Whipped Fall Paints:

Whipped cream (either from a can or the kind you whip yourself)
A few drops of food coloring (optional)

Add roughly a half a teaspoon of scent for each half cup of whipped cream, add food coloring if desired, lightly stir with spoon just until blended - do not overstir.  Voila!  There you have it - super easy and fun homemade edible paints!

Now that you've read ours, don't forget to check out the other three amazing homemade paint recipes in this week's series:

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  1. So much fall yumminess! And tables are FAR more fun to paint on than paper.

  2. Sounds great! I just bought the yogurt & kool-aid to do those edible paints with my 13 month old S, but now I want to do these! Although she tends to rub her eyes right when her hands are messiest...I wonder if the cinnamon would burn? Will definitely give this a try this fall! Sarah

    1. Hahaha - we love both of the edible paints - they are definitely each very different in texture and whatnot - so it will hopefully be fun to try both! I would stay close enough that she doesn't get any of it in her eyes. I am sure any of it would burn - probably most the cinnamon. I used to sit X on my lap so I could grab his hands before they went to his eyes if needed. I also keep baby wipes nearby if I need to quickly clean a hand so he can rub. Maybe that could help? I don't know why they go for the eyes!!!! :)