As I mentioned in our post yesterday on The Best Microwave Puffy Paint Recipe, my child is a wee bit addicted to microwave puffy paints.  So, of course, in honor of fall, we needed to make a batch of fall scented microwave puffy paints!

S was so excited by all the smells that she decided to make some gardens with pumpkins and apples (and lettuce - ha!).

The paint was super fragrant as she worked - we both enjoyed that part.

And then when we microwaved to puff the paint - oh my word!  Our house smelled even more amazing.

I just love all of her intricate designs.  She's putting the face on a garden bug and she's made lollipop lettuce, a tomato plant, and a very large strawberry as well.  So cute.

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To make our Fall Scented Puffy Paints, we took our Puffy Paint recipe and added red liquid watercolors and some Apple Cider Drink Mix to make Red Apple Cider Paint; we added orange liquid watercolors and Pumpkin Pie Spice to make Orange Pumpkin Pie Paint; we added green liquid watercolors and cinnamon to make Green Cinnamon Paint.  Yummmm!

Looking for even more fun to have with your Fall Microwave Puffy Paint?  Check out this beautiful tree art from Blog Me Mom!  And check out this awesome recipe for Homemade Candy Apple Puffy Paint from Learn Play Imagine!

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  1. Replies
    1. They totally do! Our house smelled like apple and pumpkin pie!

  2. I love the way that looks! The colors are so pretty :o) We just did finger painting with mulling spices mixed in....yum!

    1. Thank you! Ooooh mulling spices are SOOOO yummy! What fun, Ashley!!!

  3. Ooooh, I can't wait to try this!! I love how the colors are so vibrant, and I can only imagine how wonderful it smells. So hard to believe I have yet to introduce my kids to puffy paints.

    1. Thank you, Chelsey! Ooh, I bet they will be addicted too. It is pretty fun to smoosh post microwaving, I must admit.

  4. We just did this and my 2yr old boys loved the smells so much that they painted their noses! Cinnamon was definitely the favourite :-)

  5. Okay, we have a problem... like... a really big problem. I think my son (16 mts) would absolutely LOVE this stuff, as would the 2.5 year old I nanny. The issue I'm having is that I find myself making the paint during nap time... and I always have to "test it out" to be sure it will work... and then I get carried away (because it's super fun and relaxing) and use all the paint before the kids wake up.
    Seriously... hands down... no questions about it at all... this is our new favorite crafting material... and I want to kiss your face for introducing it to us. Many thanks!

    1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! I love it! I am dyyying. It really is so fun though, isn't it! My secret trick is to double the recipe so there's enough for mama AND the babies. ;) :) :)


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