Shaving cream paint is super fun and SO easy to clean up.  As you use it, it "deflates" and then it washes away easily with water or wipes clean with a towel.  We sometimes use it to decorate our bathtub, but today we used it to paint the dining room table.  I remember being able to "paint" our desks at school with plain shaving cream when I was super little, and it was SO MUCH FUN that I had to give it a go with S.

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I laid the splat mat out on the ground, but honestly we didn't need it.  The paint was very well contained on the tabletop.  

S made patterns, smears, and even some little mountains of shaving cream paint.

We even made a thin layer of it and had her practice writing her name in it.

After she was done, she washed her hands, and then I used a damp paper towel to wipe down the table.  Despite appearances, it took less than 3 minutes to clean up!  We've never had any trouble with staining, even with our white tile bathroom walls (though we do wash it right after we finish - I'm not sure what it would do if you left it for an extended period of time).

To make your own shaving cream paint you just need:

Colorations Liquid Watercolors (or Food Coloring)

Dispense the shaving cream into cups (or we like to use a muffin tin from the Dollar Tree) and add food coloring or Colorations Liquid Watercolors until you get the shade you desire.  Mix the coloring in with your finger or a spoon.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next adventure painting in a unusual place in our home sometime next week.  In the meantime, I just loved this post from my friend Vicky at Mess for Less about Window Painting.

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  1. Have you ever used this to dye easter eggs? I've heard that it leaves a cool marbled effect on the shell. More importantly, I'm wondering if there is something I can substitute for shaving cream as I'd like to do this with my 8 month old and I'm pretty sure he'll eat some.

    1. I haven't tried that method myself, but I totally know what you're talking about! :) You could try subbing Kool Whip, but I'm not sure that it would be quite the same in terms of marbling. It doesn't hold up for very long, unlike shaving cream, which is both firmer and denser.


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