Day Five of Help the Leprechaun Find His Gold

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Just seeing gold coins always makes me think of pirate treasure maps and X marks the spot!  So I decided to sneak out and bury the final two gold coins in our backyard.  

S was super excited to search outside (thankfully the weather cooperated - though honestly she doesn't really mind if it's windy or pouring rain!).  We talked about the saying "X marks the spot" and how sometimes when someone buries treasure they mark it that way to be able to find it again.  Since S is so young, I felt like a treasure map would have been too challenging for her to follow, but for an older child it might be a fun element to add in.

I decided to make "X"s from fallen tree twigs and they actually stayed overnight despite some pretty intense wind and rain.  The X's were a little subtle, but S spotted them straightaway.

The leprechauns had left a little shovel for her to use to dig!

Though the first X was a trick and there wasn't any gold - it did yield a different kind of treasure!  S loooooves worms and bugs so she was delighted to find this guy.

Aha!  Spotted a gold coin!

After finding the two gold coins, she told me "and now I am going to play in the dirt".  She spent quite a while "digging homes for the worms" before her hands ultimately got too cold and she decided to come inside to warm up.

To conclude the search, now that she's got all 10 coins, she's going to leave them outside her room in the envelope the leprechaun left for her.  In appreciation he's going to leave her a treat tonight.   We had so much fun with our Leprechaun Gold Search!

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