Edible art is always fun, so I thought up a little Easter themed edible art project for S.  We have an egg shaped cookie cutter (they are under a dollar at Michaels, but honestly if you don't already have one you could just use a knife to cut an egg shape yourself), so I decided to make some little egg shaped toasts out of some whole wheat bread (if you toast it, it makes it a little easier for little hands to spread).

After decorating (and eating!) six different eggs, S finally let me make one:

Using the cookie cutter with bread is a bit too hard for S still, so I did that step myself.

Next I used one drop of food coloring in a ramekin and added a ton of butter.  We have spreadable butter (it has oil mixed in), so that made it a lot easier for me to mix.  If you have regular butter, you might want to soften it first.  After adding the large dollop of butter to the drop of food coloring I mixed and mashed it up with a spoon until the food coloring was evenly distributed.  If you or your child would prefer, this would also work well with cream cheese.  You could also add some raspberry juice or blueberry juice as the dye - I was looking for quick and easy so I used the food coloring dye instead. Since Easter colors are typically pastels, I felt like one drop was enough to color a substantial amount of butter.

S was soooo excited.  Despite knowing that the eggs were whole wheat toast and the topping was colored butter, she kept referring to them as cookies and frosting respectively.  It was cracking me up.

Getting to spread the butter herself was a great fine motor exercise.  Younger children may prefer using a Q-Tip or just their fingers to decorate.

Proud of her first decorated egg!

Now that it's decorated - time to eat it!

It was such a fun treat to be able to decorate edible eggs.  As I mentioned, she ate six in a row!  And has come back for more on subsequent days.  I just store the colored butter with some plastic wrap over it in the fridge in between egg toast binges.  :)

We had fun mixing up food and art!

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