With Valentine's Day coming up, we thought it was about time to get cracking on some decorations.  I am so in love with how beautifully and vibrantly these heart suncatchers turned out.  They were very easy to prep and S had a great time designing each one (and had a clear color scheme for each, as usual).

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To start you'll need some large white basket Coffee Filters.  They are great for crafts!  I flattened out a handful of them and cut a variety of sizes of hearts out of them.  S decided that fuschia, red, orange, yellow, and gold liquid watercolors were the most "Valentine-y", so I set her up with an ice cube tray (from the Dollar Tree) filled with some of each color.  (If you don't have liquid watercolors, you could paint with traditional watercolors or use lightly watered down food coloring)

Using an eyedropper, she carefully added the colors to each heart.  It was so pretty to see the colors swirling.

As each heart was deemed "done!", I would carefully pull it from the pool of watercolors and place it on a paper towel lined cookie tray to dry.  I would then rinse the excess color from the bottom of the plastic tray (the top of a disposable turkey basting pan from the grocery store) so S could start with a fresh canvas each time.

Several hours later, the hearts were dry and ready to be put up in the window.  Here are four I placed myself.  Sooooo pretty.

S hung the rest of them.  You can see a pattern on the left-most heart.  The gold liquid watercolors dried in the pattern of the paper towel they were laid on.  It almost makes them look like lace in those spots - a neat discovery!

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  1. What are you using to hang the hearts on the window?

    1. Just clear scotch tape! They are incredibly lightweight, so you only need a tiny bit for them to stick really well. :)

  2. Your "process art" colors, set-up, and explorations for your daughter are so beautiful -- and so encourage her to try out her own ideas. Don't you also just love Liquid Watercolors? (I get mine at Discount School Supply.) Kids love the gold L.W. a LOT!

    1. Thank you, MaryAnn! Please excuse me while I freak out that MaryAnn Kohl just liked and commented on one of my art activities!!!! You and your books are such a huge inspiration for me, so this comment is extra special to me. :) :) :)

      And yes - those sparkly gold and silver are sooooo gorgeous!

  3. Just made thiese with my waldorf toddler group! Thanx for the inspiration!

    A grafty hugg
    From this mom from amsterdam holland!

  4. Lovely, I will have to try it with my two daughters (Kindergardner and a 2 yr old).
    Thank you for this and all your other sooooooooooooooo wonderful activities.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh I hope they have a great time - I'm sure they will make some gorgeous hearts for your home! Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying the site! :) :) :)

  5. Thank you for sharing your project which I found through pinterest. Would there be a problem sharing your process with others on pinterest and pin so others might see your project? I am an educator and am always looking for creative ways for doing art projects and like to share with other and use with students, their parents and children. Please let me know...

    1. Thank you so much for asking, Sunshine and Company! Yes, unfortunately that violates copyright. I don't allow the use of my photo + my tutorial because that means people aren't visiting my site. I put a lot of work into this site - each post takes hours - some take weeks - and the supplies we use cost money. The only way I get credit for my work is through pageviews and the revenue generated from that. I give a large portion of the revenue ($500 a month) to charity, and use the remainder to reimburse me/my family for my work/time/materials. I hope that answers your question! I am happy to have you pin the photo with the post's title or a short description that does not include the directions/tutorial. And again thank you so much for checking!


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