Am I the only one who finds building with marshmallows kind of grossly sticky?  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love sneaking them as I build - but I find the stickiness soooo distracting.  And kinda yucky.  So I was super excited when I saw The Artful Parent's post on Grape + Toothpick Sculptures - brilliant solution!  And bonus - I didn't care how many my kid ate as we went.  We've had lots of fun building with grapes, but I thought I'd put our own spin on it and build with apples in honor of fall!

The set up is much as you'd expect.  Cut apples into small pieces.  Provide flat toothpicks (those pointed toothpicks are SO sharp!!!).  Build whatever your heart desires!  

You're never too old for this one - so my husband and I joined in on the building fun.  I built an apple house.  I'm seriously proud of it (Yep, totally dorky.  But come on - it's super cool!!!).

My husband built a helicopter and landing pad.

S built a machine.

Another shot of my apple house, hahaha.

Then I felt like my house was kind of lonely.  So I built an apple man to live there.

S loooooves to draw intricate machines on paper.  She had SO much fun creating one with apples.

She spent about an hour building and creating.  And snacking.  Of course.

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  1. Oh, great fun! That's tomorrow afternoon planned! Thanks!

    1. Hooray, The Book Bug! Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

  2. Such a great idea! My kids basically hate sandwiches, so we make cheese trays a lot for lunch and we love building with cheese cubes and toothpicks! And we have the same issue with marshmallows. Neither of my kids like when their hands are sticky, so we now dip the marshmallows in chocolate and let them harden before we use them for building with toothpicks. It also means we can add colourful jimmies to the chocolate while its still warm, so we can add some art to the activity! But we haven't tried this with cut fruit yet - think we will try tomorrow! Thanks for the idea. :)

    1. Ooh, I bet cheese is an awesome medium for building! We'll have to try that one!!! Hope Munchkin and Bean like the apple building! :)

    2. Oh YAY! Thanks for telling me! They are so creative - I bet they came up with some great kid creations! :)

  3. This is so awesome! Fun with fruit and fine motor skills too. Best part: you can eat your creature at the end! lol

    1. Thank you, Emma!! Totally - I think she ate way more apple than she would have otherwise - icing on the cake!


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