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Remember when I tried to make WABA Kinetic Sand and ended up creating Borax-Free Slime Dough a few weeks back?  Well while we were on vacation, I got to see and touch some Living Sand (which I think is a similar product).  It was SO COOL!  It was super fluffy and soft and reminded me so much of Cloud Dough.  Anyway, I was determined to try making some sand that at least felt the same - and that's how I came up with this Beach Sand Cloud Dough.  Though it feels nearly identical to me, I am sad to say that it does not behave the same as Living Sand.  Bummer, right?  I think there must be something crazy that they do to the sand since both Kinetic Sand and Living Sand are quite pricey.  Sigh.

Buuuut, our Beach Sand Cloud Dough is moldable, and the fluffiest lightest and smoothest sand we've played with.  So we still love it.  :)

I set up an invitation for S to play with a dish full of our Beach Sand Cloud Dough and a container of sea glass (the sea glass we'd used to make our Giant Beach and Ocean World) and some shells (the larger of which were involved in our Baby Beach Sensory Bin with Edible Sand).  What can I say?  We've been feeling beachy around here - ha!

Just like regular Cloud Dough, the Beach Sand Cloud Dough is moldable, despite being dry to the touch.

 S just loved the feel of the fluffy and light sand.  She created a large mound and decorated it with several shells and sea glass pieces before declaring she needed some "guys"!

We added some sea creatures from our Safari Ltd Ocean TOOB and lots of storytelling and home-making ensued.

I even got a (short) turn to make some sandcastles.  :)

To make your own Beach Sand Cloud Dough, combine:

1 cup sand and 1 cup flour and mix thoroughly.  Once well combined add 4 tablespoons of baby oil.  You can double or triple the recipe as you see fit!

Make sure you mix the baby oil in throughly (little hands are REALLY good at the mixing).  It should be dry and crumbly, but hold its shape when squeezed/pressed together.  If it's too wet, add more sand/flour; if it's too dry and not moulding, add a touch more baby oil.  This dough will keep for weeks, if not months.  It just needs to be stored in an airtight manner.

This recipe is definitely NOT edible, but don't worry!  If your child is still tasting things, we have a Beach Sensory Tub with Edible Sand and we also have a Baby-Safe Cloud Dough Recipe.

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  1. Looks so fun! Where did you get the sand?

    1. Thanks, dmsmith! We used the same sand we used to make our Giant Ocean World - they sell big 50 lb bags at hardware stores around here for $3.99. It's called Play Sand and it's next to the concrete section! :)

  2. We made a similar recipe recently but we did not try it with baby oil! I'll definitely have to give it a try and see how it comes out. I think my kids would love it. :)

    1. The baby oil works super well! I hope they love it! :)

  3. I was told at a toy store that Kinetic Sand has polymers in it.

    1. Yes, I think you are right, Tori B! Must be why I can't replicate it. Boo. It's really cool stuff!


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